Anatolian Shepherd x Great Pyrenees

The Anatolian/Great Pyrenees cross has a reputation for being superior to either of its parent purebreds. The cross tends to lack the wander-lust of the Pyrenees while being less aggressive than the Anatolian. In addition, the cross has a medium length, easy-to-maintain coat that, while offering plenty of protection during cold weather, does not require extensive grooming like the Great Pyrenees. Luke fits this description perfectly. He never roams. He is reliable with the sheep and trustworthy with our children, but is a fierce defender. Utterly fearless and quite powerful, we've witnessed Luke on numerous occasions chasing coyotes out on pasture. Luke is what we describe as a "patrol dog," regularly working a perimeter around the flock, always returning the flock after his patrol is done. He is a serious, effective guardian. He was selected from working parents in Indiana.



Purebred Maremma

Jessie comes from working Maremma breeding in Kansas. Maremmas are known for their close guarding style and their parental attentiveness to their stock. True to her breed, Jessie is ALWAYS with her sheep. She is the most nurturing of our dogs, being particularly fond of babies, whether they be lambs or puppies. She is mild tempered, but ever alert to notice and respond to anything out of the ordinary. Jessie stays close the flock at all times. Especially good during lambing season, Jessie is keenly watchful of the newborns, while maintaining a respectful distance from protective new mothers.

The Maremma coat, while long, lacks the thick, fine undercoat of the typical Great Pyrenees. It does not mat or hold mud or burs and requires little, if any grooming, yet still offers plenty of protection to freezing cold temperatures in the winter.



Purebred Maremma

Mae is is a half sister to Jessie. Just like Jessie and true to her breed, Mae is a close guardian, staying very near the sheep at all times. Mae is affectionate and appropriately submissive to the sheep, yet is confident when dealing with potential threats. She is highly protective of her flock, readily confronting any predators that threaten. She has proven to be a very valuable asset to our farm. While Mae is aloof toward strangers, she loves children and is quite friendly with our family.

As a Maremma, Mae is moderate size, weighing around 90 lbs, and grows a thick winter coat that fully sheds in the spring with no grooming. Maremmas are fast and agile runners and one of the most effective guardian breeds according to long-time shepherds.



Purebred Maremma

Emma is our newest addition from Finder Hampshires. She is a neice to Jessie and Mae and her aunts, has proven to be a wonderful, devoted protector. She spent her first summer learning from the older dogs and her second summer guarding our commercial flock on leased mountain pasture where she succesfully kept them safe from a rather determined family of black bears. She is the friendliest and most outgoing of our dogs but still serious about her guardind duties.