As we build our Dorper flock, we are striving to select high quality ewes that will perform both in the show ring and in the pasture. The ewes below represent this foundation.


Roeder Ranch 1630

Icon 418 x Icon 3202
Fullblood Dorper

We began this project with the goal of producing premium Dorper wethers that could compete in the show ring. We wanted to start with quality and here she is: our pick from the Concho Pearl Dorper Ewe Sale in San Angelo, Texas. This ewe is as unique as she is impressive. No squatty, rough-patterned Dorper here. She is exceptionally smooth in her lines and extended through her front end, along with beautiful balance and tremendous muscle shape. This special ewe is sure to make her mark in our flock and beyond.

Thank you Roeder Ranch for offering a ewe of this caliber on public auction!

Show Wins

Supreme Champion Meat Sheep - 2016 Lambtown
Champion Hair Ewe - 2016 Lambtown

Paternal sister to Roeder Ranch's
Reserve Champion Youth Ram
at the 2017 Ft. Worth Regional National
Show and 2017 Reserve Champion Dorper ram
at the Mid-America Dorper Show

Emerald is the dam of our 2017 keeper
ram, Titanium




Sired by Cheap Shot
Fullblood Dorper

Our first keeper ewe and proof positive that Cheap Shot is the stud we were looking for. Diamond posseses the balance and structure needed to make good wethers with the impecible breed character and femininity needed to make good registered Dorpers. She is truely a ewe that can work in both arenas.

Show Wins

Grand Champion Meat Breeds Ewe - 2017 Plumas-Sierra County Fair Open Show
Reserve Champion Registered Ewe - 2017 Lyon Count Fair




RF 5928 x SR 0003
Fullblood Dorper

This fullblood Riverwood Farms sired ewe was our top pick from the 2016 Western States Dorper Association Production Sale. It is rare to find a Dorper ewe with this much wether dam look: bigger framed, clean fronted and straight topped, while still maintaining all the great characteristics the breed is known for. She should have a bright future as we build our Dorper flock and strive to produce winning Dorper wethers.

Show Wins

Reserve Champion Hair Ewe - 2016 Plumas-Sierra County Fair Open Show
Champion Yearling Hair Ewe - 2016 Plumas-Sierra County Fair Open Show




Powell Ranch 4461 (Little Hulk son) x Wilson Ranch 1449
Fullblood Dorper

This picture alone should make it clear why we selected this ewe lamb to add to our flock. But what you can't see is that, while most Dorpers tend to pinch right behind their shoulders, Jewel's rib shape is bold and round and her rack is full and square. This ewe is more traditional in her frame size and a full shedder, to appeal to any Dorper enthusiast. She will be bred to Cheap Shot for spring 2017 lambs.

Show Wins

Champion Dorper Spring Ewe Lamb - 2016 Western States Dorper Association Show & Sale
Reserve Supreme Champion Ewe - 2016 Plumas-Sierra County Fair Open Show
Champion Hair Ewe - 2016 Plumas-Sierra County Fair Open Show
Third Place Hair Ewe Lamb - 2016 Lambtown
Champion Yearling Meat Breeds Ewe - 2017 Plumas-Sierra County Fair Open Show
Champion Yearling Registered Ewe - 2017 Lyon County Fair