This is where we raise our sheep: rough terrain with lots of cover. Coyote country. In addition, we also have plenty of mountain lions, bob cats, stray dogs and even the occasional black bear. Without our hardworking livestock guardian dogs, we'd be put out of business in no time. Notice the dog lying down in front of the sheep.

We do not consider ourselves dog breeders. Rather, we are sheep breeders first and foremost. We have a large predator population and our livestock guardian dogs are an invaluable asset for protecting our flock. We were very selective in choosing our dogs, wanting dogs that would bond closely to the sheep, not wander, and would aggressively repel all predator threats. That's exactly what they have done.

We run our sheep on 80 acres of rough, brushy terrain surrounded by hundreds of square miles of open land. During spring through fall our sheep will graze up to a half mile from our home and our dogs are expected to stay with them at all times. We normally hear coyotes yapping from every directions each dawn and dusk and have witnessed our dogs running them off numerous times. Our neighbors have lost colts to mountain lions and sheep to stray dogs. In addition, there have been black bear and bobcat sightings on or around our ranch as well. We are pleased to say, that despite this heavy predator pressure, we have NEVER lost an animal to predation. That tells us our dogs are working!

In the winter, we drylot our sheep. During this time the dogs spend more time around the barn area where they interact more with our family as well as the other farm animals, including free-range chickens, barn cats, horses and cattle. These are guarded by default due to their proximity to the sheep. While bonded most closely to the sheep, our dogs are socialized to humans (being particularly fond of children) and will tolerate handling.

We view our dogs as more than just tools. Rather, we see them as partners in a total predation-prevention program. As partners, we strive to provide them with good care, including appropriate socialization, quality food and veterinary care, including routine vaccinations and worming. We believe that a healthy, happy dog is a more efficient guardian.

Because our dogs are all full time working guardians, we only produce one or two litters of puppies a year. We wait to breed our females until they are at least two years old and have demonstrated good guarding instincts. We only breed each female for a single litter of puppies per year. All our dogs have proven their worth in the real world and we are confident that their puppies will be effective guardians if raised properly.