RF 5482 x Taylor Dorpers 111
Fullblood Dorper


This stud ram combines all the qualities we appreciate in the Dorper breed with the structural correctness that we so value in our club lamb flock, including straightness of top, levelness of hip and cleaness of front. His foundation genetics are something to be impressed with alone. His sire is the 2011 National Champion Dorper Ram and his dam is a very impressive ewe herself. The way this one is put together is something to take note of and strive for. Often you get caught up in breeding for the next great one and you forget about keeping them practical. This is where Cheap-Shot excels. He has a great deal of bone and exceptional feet and legs. He is parallel in his lines, has ample muscling and more than enough extension. Complete sheep that are right down the middle never go out of style.


Bred by Taylor Dorpers. We thank Kelly Hair Sheep of Lapin, TX for making this stud available.









Cheap Shot x "Emerald" Roeder Ranch 1630 (Icon 418)
Fullblood Dorper


Breeding muscle is relatively easy and we all know Dorpers tend to have it in abundance. Beeding sound skeletal structure is where things get a lot more challenging. We were not satisfied with the weak top line and coarse front end so common among Dorpers. This is precisely where Titanium excels. His extension through his front end is truly unique in his breed. Combine that with his strength of top line and true-to-breed thickness and we think Titanium is exactly what we need as we progress our program. For those worried about him being "Dorper enough" with all this style, his mother is a sister to Roeder Ranch's Reserve Grand ram at the 2017 Mid-America Dorper Show and his father is sired by the 2011 National Champion. We believe this is a ram that can excel in both the registered and the wether worlds.