Male Luck x Emma puppies born 11/25/17 currently available to working homes! Contact us for more information.


Our dogs were carefully selected for their guarding abilities and complementary working styles. They all display effective guardian instincts, being attentive to the stock and demonstrating appropriate measured responses to threats. Puppies are 1/2 Maremma, 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd and 1/4 Great Pyrenees. This cross will have slightly more edge, toughness and size than a purebred Maremma, while maintaining the attentiveness that is so desirable in a good guardian. Properly raised, our puppies will prove to be very effective guardians, who bond closely to their stock and show an appropriate level of protectiveness. They will be appropriate for both farm flock and range flock situations.

Our puppies will mature to a mid-sized livestock guardian dog, in the 85-105 pound range. Most of the puppies from this cross will have black or dark brown spots, which may fade as the dogs mature. There is a variety of coat lengths within each litter, from mid-length to long, however, all will be easy-care, lacking the super thick, fine undercoat that is prone to matting and collecting burs like the purebred Pyrenees. All will be long and thick enough in winter to provide adequate protection from harsh wether conditions.

We truly believe this will be an ideal cross. They have been bred specifically for use as livestock guardians. Pups are born and raised in the barn with sheep, with additional exposure to cattle, horses, free-range chickens, cats and young children. They will be raised in a pack environment, with guidance from both parents and another adult dog. Puppies will be weaned and ready to go to their working homes at 8 weeks old. At that time, they will have received their first vaccinations and been wormed.

Puppies will be sold only to approved working homes. In most cases this means fully fenced, escape proof pastures. Also, adequate shelter must be available to provide shade in the summer and protection from blowing winds, rain and snow in the winter. Finally, a single guardian dog is usually NOT adequate in and this will be taken into account when selling puppies. We will prefer that you already have at least one working guardian before adding your puppy or that you take two puppies.

Why more that one dog? The reasons are numerous. First, it's impossible for a single dog to handle a pack of coyotes or stray dogs or a single large predator such as a bear or mountain lion, alone. These dogs are amazing, but they are not super-dogs. Second, livestock guardian dogs take their jobs very seriously. A single dog can nearly work itself to death, not getting enough sleep or rest, compromising its health and shortening its life span. And third, especially in young dogs, you will deal with far fewer chasing/chewing issues if they have a canine companion to roughhouse with and blow off steam instead of resorting to doing it with the stock. The ideal situation would be to have an older, experienced livestock guardian to help train your puppy, but obviously everyone has to start somewhere and we realize that may not be an option. But even two young dogs are better than one alone.


Started Dogs

We will occasionally have started livestock guardian dogs for sale. These dogs will be born and raised with sheep with additional exposure to chickens, cattle and horses. They will be lightly socialized to humans, including young children, but emphasis will be on bonding to stock. They will be raised in small pack environment with three adult dogs to offer guidance and correction as needed.

We will consider keeping a puppy longer to give it a good start on the stock of your choice (sheep, cattle or poultry) if desired. Please contact us for more details.



"Allie May is doing good. She is more aggressive than the two purebred great pyrenees we have when it comes to two-legged strangers but she also does not wander the way the purebred GP's do. She has bonded extremely well with the flock. And with the puppies we have raised in the past, I normally will say it takes two years for them to be an effective guard. She is effectively guarding at less than year... I forgot something in the barn the other night quite late, surprised her and before she knew it was me I got the full effect of what an on-guard Allie looks like. Scary. Wow. But on the other hand when baby Emmett comes to visit, she is licking his face and somehow does not seem to notice that he is pulling out handfuls of her fur. Quite the dog." - Karin F. of her 10 month old Luke X Jessie puppy.